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The Complete Guide to Creating an Image-Based Logo (2022)

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To Creating An Image-Based Logo is a comprehensive guide on how to create an image-based logo that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With this step-by-step instruction on how to design a logo from scratch using an online tool, you can design your logo for different industries such as fashion, technology, and healthcare.

A logo is a visual representation of a company or brand. It can sometimes be considered the face of the company or brand. The images used in logos are often symbolic, abstract, and represent the core values of the company or brand.

The importance of creating an image-based logo is to make the logo stand out and be memorable.

The most common mistakes that people make when creating an image-based logo are:

  1. Making the logo too complicated or too abstract
  2. Using a font that is too hard to read
  3. Having a boring design

A good design should have:

  1. A design that is not too complicated or abstract
  2. A font that is easy to read
  3. A design that makes a statement

This type of branding is not just about what your logo looks like, but how it speaks to the audience.

What is an Image-Based Logo (or Iconic logo) and Why Is It Important?

An iconic logo is a logo that is based on an image rather than text. Iconic logos are often used to represent a particular company, brand, or product. They can be created by using the company's name and the image of their product or service.

An iconic logo can be used in many different ways to represent a company or brand. One way is by using it as the primary visual for marketing campaigns and advertisements. Another way is by using it as an icon on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The most important thing about an iconic logo is that it has high visibility and recognizability; this means that people will know what it represents without having to read the text underneath it.

It also helps companies create a strong brand as a result of this, the company's brand is seen as strong and desirable.

The logo is an iconic image used by the company to create a strong image and brand.

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The History of Image-Based Brands and How It's Changed the Way We Think About Brands

The history of image-based brands has changed the way we think about brands. It is now possible to create a brand with a single photo and build an entire visual identity around it.

The first company to use this technique was Apple in 1977 when they used the same photo for their logo and product packaging. This created a new way of thinking about branding that has since been adopted by other companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Target.

This is because it's easier for consumers to recognize an image than text or a word, which can be forgotten or misinterpreted. Some companies have even started using images as logos instead of words or symbols in order to avoid any confusion that might arise from a text on the logo itself.

The Types of Logos and How They are Made

The image-based logos types are the most popular ones among the logo design types. They are created using images, shapes, and colors.

This infographic is a great example of how to make a logo. It shows the different types of logos and their process.

The signature logo creation process is a more traditional logo design process. It is done by hand using a pen and paper or using digital tools. Signature logos are created by putting together different elements such as fonts, colors, shapes, and textures to create a unique and personal symbol for your brand or company.

It has made it easier for companies that want to create their own signature logo without spending too much on design services.

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How to Choose the Right Type of Image-Based Logo for Your Business Needs?

Before you start designing your logo, it is important to understand the different types of logos and their purposes.

One of the most common types of logos is an image-based logo. They are known for their iconic branding opportunities and they are also more affordable than other types of logos.

When it comes to choosing the right type of image-based logo for your business needs, there are some factors that you should keep in mind such as the size, color scheme, and what kind of message you want to convey with your logo.

The size of the logo is important because it is a key factor when it comes to how it will be represented on the website, business card, and other marketing materials.

The color scheme is important because it needs to be cohesive with your business. A logo that conveys a certain message is important because it will help your audience or customers to identify with your brand.

What Factors Need to be Considered When Selecting a Logo Designer?

A good logo designer should have a creative eye, an understanding of design principles, and the ability to work well with others.

It is an essential part of the brand image, and it sets the tone for the company's visual identity. When you are looking for a logo designer, you have to consider several factors that will help you find the right person for your project.

It is important to consider the following factors when selecting a logo designer:

  • Experience
  • Pricing
  • Feedback
  • Availability

You should consider these factors when choosing your logo designer.

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where to find image-based logo designers?

There are many places where you can find image-based logo designers. These include freelance sites, social media groups, and online communities.

Fiverr is a website that offers services for freelancers, such as logo design, graphic design, writing services, and more.

Fiverr has become a popular place to find image-based logo designers. However, not all of the designers on Fiverr have the skills to create professional logos.

The most popular way to find a freelancer on Fiverr is by searching for their skill category and then looking for their available work.

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how to use canva to create image based logo?

Canva is a free online tool that allows you to create images, graphics, or designs.

It offers a wide range of design templates and resources. They have an extensive library of stock photos and illustrations which you can use to create your own designs. You can also download free fonts from their website and use them in your design.

Canva has made it easy for anyone to create professional-looking work with minimal effort to help people easily create graphics from scratch. With a variety of templates, fonts, and colors to choose from, this website makes it easy for anyone to design and publish their own images.

Canva also offers one-click export so you can quickly share your designs.


This type of logo is becoming more and more popular among modern-day companies. They are able to create a unique brand identity for their company with the help of this logo.

The conclusion image-based logo is a modern-day way to display your company’s brand identity in a creative way. You can check out a good logo designer on Fiverr.

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